Accountancy for Clubs & Charities

Not for profit organisations have their own particular needs and at Naked Accounting we specialise in providing accounting services for clubs and charities.


Not for profit organisations want to keep costs low

We pride ourselves in keeping our costs low and making sure any benefits are passed on to your organisation.

We will set up systems so that each year your accountancy costs will go down rather than up.


Non for profit organisations often rely on the work of volunteers

We will work with your team to guide you though the process. We set up systems so they are easy to use and we are always only a phone call away to answer any of your questions, no  matter how ‘dumb’ you might think the question is.

If you wish, we can provide training to help your volunteers to take more control of the accountancy systems.


Our aim at Naked Accounting is to keep costs low and to help you save money so you can continue to provide support and services to the community.